4 Different Types of Men’s Shoes

58The Basics of Men’s Shoes

Women are obsessed with shoes, but men need only a few pairs of shoes to get them though every occasion. This makes purchasing men’s shoes quite affordable. As a man, you will only need 1-2 pairs of shoes from each of the following categories: dress shoes, casual shoes, work boots and athletic shoes. How many pairs of shoes you need for each occasion depends on your lifestyle. If you are a businessman, you may invest in several pairs of dress shoes. If you are active in sports, you may require more pairs of athletic shoes. This article will break down the different categories of shoes for men’s footwear.

Men’s Dress Shoes

Deciding on dress shoes can be relatively simple if you know what you are looking for. Choosing simple, basic colors to coordinate with your shirt and pants will allow you to get away with owning a small collection of shoes. Choose black or dark gray shoes for suits that are black, blue or gray. Choose brown ortan shoes for suits with earthy colors. If dress shoes are required for work, purchase several pairs. Otherwise, one pair of dress shoes will last you a lifetime. The only time you will need them is at fancy dinners and special events, such as weddings, funerals and job interviews. For very dressy occasions, wear dress shoes that are very shiny, very black and that have a thin heel. Oxfords, also known as Balmorals, are a good option. The Vamp on Oxfords has a v-shaped slit with attached laces.

Your other option is loafers. You can wear loafers with just about anything including business suits, sports jackets and sweaters. One pair of black loafers and one pair of brown loafers will do.

Dockers Men’s Perspective Moc Run Off Toe Oxford
Casual Shoes

Casual shoes can be worn with T-shirts, shorts, jeans, or khakis. One type of casual shoe is slip-ons. Slip-ons are shoes that your feet slide right in to. They are prefect for putting on or taking off your shoes very quickly. Slip-ons include clogs, leather shoes, and sporty shoes. Very popular now are sporty casual shoes. These are shoes that are very relaxed and comfy, but have athletic features, such as bright colors, stripes and breathable fabric. They are more for comfort, not for physical activity. You can also opt for sandals and flip-flops. They are great for the summer and allow your feet to breathe. Flip-flops are perfect to wear to public facilities, such as the pool or gym. You may need several pairs of sandals and flip-flops since they are not as durable as other types of men’s foot wear.

Skechers Men’s Solver Casual Slip-On
Work Boots

When deciding on what work boots to buy, consider comfort first. If you are wearing work boots, you are most likely doing physical labor and you do not need to put added stress on your body by having sore feet. Look for boots with a good thread and thick soles. You can also get work boots that are specific to your needs, such as rain boots, snow boots and hiking boots. Hiking boots used to be heavy and bulky, but these days they are lightweight and comfortable. If you engage in outdoor activities, Merrill is a popular shoe store that specifically meets customer needs and has custom shoes for foot problems. Their shoes have insulation to keep your feet dry and warm.

Timberland Pro Men’s Direct Attach 6″ Soft Toe Boot
Athletic Shoes

There are so many athletic shoes out there that it can be quite confusing. It seems like there is a sports shoes for just about every activity and occasion. The most popular sneakers are those made for running and walking. For running shoes, look for a shoe that has cushioning, or is shock absorbent. Sneakers should fit comfortably as well. If your shoes are too tight, your feet will constantly rub against the sneaker causing calluses, corns, and blisters. Finally, make sure the shoe is flexible. As a runner, you want a shoe that easily bends while in motion. For other types of athletic shoes, comfort is key. Make sure you purchase sneakers that are designed for the specific activity you are going to use them for. Popular athletic shoe brands include Nike, New Balance, Reebok and Asics.

Durability of Hush Puppies Men Shoes

57Shoe is a basic necessity of human life as they give protection to our feet. People now days prefer to wear nice looking shoes with a certain level of comfort as we live a very busy and hectic life, so comfort in shoes has become very important.

“Hush Puppies” is a brand of casual shoes which was founded in 1958 by Wolverine who worked to provide a practical method of pig tanning for US military. Pig skin is considered the most durable leather of all, so the government was very interested in making gloves and other accessories for their soldiers. The brand was facing its down fall in 1994 when it sold only 30000 pairs of shoes and Wolverine was thinking of shutting down the brand. Then a new trend of wearing Hush Puppies shoes came into being and people began to purchase Hush Puppies shoes, and the next year they sold 430,000 pairs of the shoes, and the amount was increased in the next year significantly.

Hush Puppies manufacture casual comfortable shoes for men, Women and kids. They market the products in about 120 countries around the globe. Hush Puppies usually make suede shoes with light crepe sole which has been proved an insulator and thus may save you from getting electric shocks.

This brand’s men shoes do not offer a very wide range of styles, but there is no doubt in the comfort level of their shoes. Shoes manufactured by this company are very comfortable and people buy them because of this quality. Hush Puppies usually have one or two designs and 3 to 4 colors in each type of shoes. This brand does not offer new designs very frequently as they believe in launching the classics so one design they launch is not replaced that often. Hush Puppies men shoes are usually available in black and brown shades.

Hush Puppies not only offer a very high level of comfort but also manage to provide them at very reasonable cost so that people can buy them easily. Those shoes are very popular by young men because of their cheap prices, high level of comfort and very classic designs. This brand’s shoes are easily available throughout the world and it can also be purchased online. 6pm is one of the popular websites that offers a wide range of Hush Puppies men shoes at very cheap rates. You can also compare the prices of different websites in order to make the best decision.

White Men’s Shoes

56What do you think about white men’s shoes? Actually, I’m not talking anything special about white men, but I want you to know when to wear white shoes. If we take white color, it can be considered as a color which has a unique quality.

Usually, White color gets the attention of every one since it is a pleasant color. So, even when it comes to white men’s shoes, the situation is the same. SO, wearing a pair of white shoes may give you a lot of attraction only if you know when to wear it and how.

Though guys are concerned with white men’s shoes, the main problem is how to keep it clean. Anyhow, if you do not start playing with your shoes and if you know when to wear it, you can prevent it from getting dirty. Usually, white men’s shoes can be worn during summer season. In fact, it will add more attraction to your dress as well as to you. As a matter of fact, if you know what to wear with white shoes, you will get both men’s as well as women’s attention.

For Instance, when you are wearing white shoes, the general practice of wearing the same color belt for the color of your shoes apply. So, in order to build a powerful image about yourself, you have to be very attentive on the clothing you choose.

Furthermore, as I have mentioned above, when you are wearing white shoes, you have to concern about the season and the weather as well. Anyhow, don’t forget to match your shoes always with the pants you wear.

Men’s Summer Fashion

55Men’s sandals have undergone a stylish makeover over the last couple of years. They are not known as slippers or flip-flops anymore. They now have a name that is as fashionable as the piece of footwear itself- espadrilles.

For long, men’s espadrilles have been the unsung heroes of casual footwear. Whether you want to wear something other than flip-flops to the beach or need a comfy pair to put your feet up in during the weekend, espadrilles are the way to go.

What are espadrilles?

Espadrilles are usually made of lightweight canvas or cotton with a soft, rubber sole and jute-fibre rope braided around the edge. If your feet are sore from your socks and office shoes, then a pair of espadrilles is the perfect thing to help them relax in. Espadrilles are available for both men and women, and go with any form of casual wear. They are lightweight, which means you can easily stuff them into your bag and carry them anywhere without worrying about excess baggage.

Where can you wear espadrilles?

When you buy men’s espadrilles online, do bear in mind that they are unquestionably casual wear stuff, and are not the same thing as your formal shoes. Espadrilles can be called outdoor slippers; they are perfect for an evening walk in the park, a summer afternoon by the pool, or for a casual day out with friends. They are more popular in warmer, humid climes where keeping the feet covered in shoes and socks isn’t always comfortable. Espadrilles are also ideal for outdoor gatherings and music festivals where you need something soft and cushiony for your feet. However, do remember that espadrilles are not fit for traversing through rain or slush. Have a pair of boots for such a day.

Colours, design, and fit

Espadrilles are available in a wide variety of colours and designs. However, the colourful, floral-patterned, wedge-heel ones are for women, so stay away from those. If you’re going for a masculine look, avoid the bold, bright colours and stick to the neutral ones like grey, black, brown, navy, and tan. No matter how casual your look is, if you’re opting for patterns, do ensure they don’t clash with the rest of your attire.

Espadrilles are meant for you to relax in, therefore they are generally loose-fitting. Modern espadrilles are more like plimsolls with more support and elasticized bands. If you’re looking for snug-fitting men’s shoes online, then go for a size smaller.

Final words

Espadrilles are not constructed to handle daily wear and tear like other men’s shoes, and are best kept away from water and rigorous activities. Wear them with your shorts or your cargos, or even your chinos to make a striking fashion statement without compromising on comfort.

Men’s Shoes Can Enhance Your Style

54Men’s shoes are highly important for any man in his daily life. Footwear is important for various purposes. Apart from their functionality and the protection factor, boots are now the most important fashion accessory for men. Shoes make the whole attire of any person complete. Men nowadays are highly fashion conscious and they look for the best shoes in the market that will look perfect with their outfits. They also go for the best brands while shopping for footwear. There are now different types of boots for men in the market and they have the opportunity of choosing from a vast range. However whenever you buy boots, you need to consider the quality and the durability of the shoe.

Wonderful men’s shoes are now manufactured by the footwear companies using the latest technology. They create the shoes with their innovative ideas and designs. All of these shoes provide you with different features. Many of the shoes available in the market offer excellent comfort and you will love to put your feet inside them. Every brand wants to create their own design of footwear and ultimately the consumers get fashionable and trendy boots. By searching in the market as well as through online research you will be able to find different types of shoes. You can choose from formal, shoes, casual shoes, boots, sandals and many more. You can go for the shoes in which you are comfortable. They are also available in different materials and you can select your preferred one. You can find shoes made of leather, canvas, rubber, plastic and many other materials.

In the recent times the men’s boots have gone through lots of modifications and they are now highly modernised. You can get the boots in a variety of designs, patterns and colours. The footwear brands design their shoes keeping in mind the taste of the modern men. Every brand also tries to offer you with the best level of comfort that is possible. The branded shoes are also made with the finest materials that make the shoes long lasing. The modern day shoes are available in various forms such as loafers, brogues, deck shoes, espadrilles, preppy shoes, derbies and many more.

The men’s shoes available in the current market have been made more interesting with the incorporation of vibrant and exciting colours. The shoes are now available in a wide range of colours and any man will definitely find a nice pair of shoe in his favourite colours. With nice pair of shoes you can surely get a look that is unique as well as different. However before you buy any pair of shoes it is important to check the comfort level of the shoes. Select the design, shape and colours that are perfect according to your taste and perfect according to your personality. You should also get hold of the right size to obtain best fittings.